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PostSubject: [AI] Ai_Goal_Lead   [AI] Ai_Goal_Lead Icon_minitimeSun Jun 24, 2007 8:09 pm

This is a short simple tutorial outlining the steps you need to take to get an NPC to lead the player to a particular place. This occurs in several places in the game. Uses an ai_goal_lead info_target and a logic_auto I have only tried this with Barney, Grigori and Alyx. I have not got it to work with metropolice, citizens, Mossman or Kleiner. I am still looking at this, and you could experiment and let me know any other options.

1. place some NPC's in your map (Alyx, Barney, Grigori ) wherever you want them to meet with the player.

2. Open the Properties and give them a Name. You can also give them some weapons.

3. Place an Info_target in the map where you want the NPC to lead the player to.

4. Open the Properties and give it a name

5. Place an ai_goal_lead anywhere on the ground in the map

6. Open the Properties and give it a:

Name Name of the ai_goal_lead
Actor(s) to affect Name of your NPC
Target entity Name of your info_target

7. Place a logic_auto in your map.

8. Open the Properties click on Outputs and Add

Like a Star @ heaven My Output named: OnMapSpawn
Like a Star @ heaven Targets Entitis named: Name of your AI_Goal_Lead
Like a Star @ heaven Via This input: Activate
Like a Star @ heaven After a delay in seconds of: 2.00

You're done! Very Happy. compile and run the map
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[AI] Ai_Goal_Lead
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