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 Basic Mapping (For Newbies)

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PostSubject: Basic Mapping (For Newbies)   Basic Mapping (For Newbies) Icon_minitimeSun Jun 24, 2007 2:19 pm

Let's get started. First thing is the tools tab, here is the tools info:

1. Select Tool,Basic Mapping (For Newbies) Select_Toolb Use it to select things, double click on entities to open their properties

2. Magnifier Tool,Basic Mapping (For Newbies) Magnifyerb Use this tool to zoom in/out to your map

3. Camera Tool,Basic Mapping (For Newbies) Camera_Toolb Use this tool to view and move in your map

4. Entity Tool,Basic Mapping (For Newbies) Entity_Toolb Use it to place entities in your map

5. Block Tool,Basic Mapping (For Newbies) Block_Toolb Use this tool to place brushes in your map (walls, floors ect.)

6. Texture Application,Basic Mapping (For Newbies) Texture_Applicationb Use this Application to modify the textures on the brushes

7. Texture Apply tool,Basic Mapping (For Newbies) Apply_Textureb Use this tool to apply the selected texture to the selected brush

8. Decal Tool,Basic Mapping (For Newbies) Decal_Toolb Use this tool to apply Decals to brushes (decals can be found with 'decals/' in the texture browser)

9. Overlay Tool,Basic Mapping (For Newbies) Overlay_Toolb Use this tool to apply Overlays to brushes (overlayes can be found with 'overlay' in the texture browser)

10. Clipping Tool,Basic Mapping (For Newbies) Clipping_Toolb Use this tool to cut brushes

11. Vertex Tool,Basic Mapping (For Newbies) Vertex_Toolb Use this tool to modify the vertexes of the brushes

Second thing is the Tabs in the right side of the screen:

1. The selection mode, you can change the selection mode with it (groups, objects, solids)
Basic Mapping (For Newbies) Selection_mode

2. The Texture browser, you can choose textures in there
Basic Mapping (For Newbies) Texturebrowser

3. The objects selector, you can choose type of entity when you using the entity tool, you can also choose prefabs, and you can choose what kind of solid when you are using the Block tool
Basic Mapping (For Newbies) Objects

Selection filer, you can choose spesific things in your map (main tab is groups you made, with Ctrl+G)
Basic Mapping (For Newbies) Groups

OK, You're good Very Happy. It's time for you to make your first map! Lets begin:

First select the Block toolBasic Mapping (For Newbies) Block_Toolb, press the 'Browse..' button in the texture browser type in the filter (down left corner) 'Brickfloor', select the first floor, make a brush that is 512x512, select the texture browser again and type 'brickwall', select the first wall you see and make a wall around the floor that are 256x512x64, make a ceiling, select the Entity Tool Basic Mapping (For Newbies) Entity_Toolb, select the 'Light' entity in the object selector, put it in your map also put some info_player_terrorist and and info_player_counterterrorist and i think you're done Very Happy.
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Basic Mapping (For Newbies)
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